6 Inch Backdraft Damper

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  • Double-lipped EPDM rubber seal facilitates easy install without the need for sealants while maintaining a tight seal. Can be twisted and adjusted after installation.
  • Thick spring allows unit to be installed in any orientation.
  • Strict quality control ensures no gaps.
  • Suitable for all climates.
  • Constructed with durable galvanized steel. Damper blades made from aluminum.


The Revitalizaire backdraft damper contains a double-lipped EPDM rubber seal on both ends which allows for easy install without the use of sealants or solvents.

Please Note: The seals are located at the ends of the unit and NOT at the damper. This damper is designed with a lip in the steel at the blade and therefore does not require an additional internal rubber seal.

With a diameter of 3 7/8th inches, the damper will interface with 6 inch ducts with little hassle. Once installed the damper can be twisted and adjusted without compromising the seal.

The 0.5mm spring-loaded design allows the unit to be installed in any orientation without compromising its ability to close

Strict quality control ensures no air gaps. The durable galvanized steel design allows the unit to function in any climate.


Seal: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (M-class) Rubber
Duct: Galvanized Steel
Blades: Aluminum

Nominal Diameter: 6 Inches (15.24 cm)
Actual Diameter: 5 7/8 Inches (14.9)
Length: 5 Inches (12.7 cm)
Spring Width: 0.02 Inch (0.5 mm)


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