Magnetic Vent Cover (5.5 x 12 Inch)

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No matter the power of your fan or the location of your register (floor, wall, or ceiling), the Revitalizaire Magnetic Vent Cover will successfully block all airflow to an individual room or space. Included are twelve (12) powerful N35 neodymium magnets to ensure a tight seal for all applications.

  • NOW INCLUDES 12 POWERFUL N35 NEODYMIUM MAGNETS – Use as many or as few magnets required for each cover.
  • TIGHT SEAL GUARANTEED – Will manage strong airflows for floor, wall and ceiling registers.
  • COMFORT – Stops drafts and redirects hot or cold air to other rooms.
  • ECONOMICAL – Save money on your energy bill by not heating or cooling unused spaces.
  • SOUND ABSORPTION – Reduce the transmission of sound through your vents. Can be stacked to double or triple noise reduction.


The Revitalizaire Magnetic Vent Covers include 12 powerful neodymium magnets to ensure a tight seal for all applications.

Floor Registers: Usually no magnets required unless very strong airflows are present. For these cases, 1 magnet per cover, located in the center should do the trick.

Wall or Ceiling Registers: Usually 4 magnets will be required per cover. This will depend on the amount of metal surface area of your register as well as airflows. Sometimes only two magnets are required when they are placed at opposite ends of the covers. When four magnets are required, one should be placed in each corner.

The Revitalizaire Magnetic Vent Covers are designed to fit all register types for 4″ x 10″ openings. All 4″ x 10″ registers have a slightly different sized frame, ranging between 4.5″ and 5.5″ wide. For this reason, the covers are designed to fit the largest at 5.5″. Registers with a smaller width will need to be trimmed with scissors for a perfect fit

Cover Dimensions: 5.5″ x 12″ x .04″

Neodymium Magnet Dimensions: 1.3″ x 1.3″ x .08″

Package Includes: three (3) magnetic rubber sheets and eight (8) neodymium magnets.

If our product fails to maintain a seal on your register, we will refund your purchase in full.

NOTE: Revitalizaire Magnetic Vent Covers are intended for metal registers only. Do not cover more than 50% of your home or office’s vents and do not cover return air intakes. Doing so could cause damage your ventilation system.

Neodymium magnets are brittle by nature. Please be careful when handling these magnificent specimens.


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