Soundproof Door Pads

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Stop sound, drafts and heat loss with the Revitalizaire Door Pads. Constructed with Polyester Wool, Sound insulating Felt and PVC – the best available materials for both sound proofing AND thermal insulating. The felt consists of EPDM rubber + iron powder for maximum possible sound absorption. These are the same materials used in construction sites for noise barriers. The sound absorbing materials are also very effective for thermal insulation, so they can be used to reduce heat losses or stop drafts through exterior doors.

  • NOISE BLOCKING: Reduce sound transmission through your bedroom, studio, apartment or exterior door. Constructed with the best soundproofing materials available: A triple layer of Polyester Wool, EPDM Rubber + Iron Powder and a waterproof PVC exterior.
  • SAVE MONEY: Reducing heat loss through gaps around your door. Polyester Wool is a very effective thermal insulator.
  • COMFORT: Stop drafts and wind noise in both the summer or winter.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Along the bottom, top or sides of your door. Includes adhesive Velcro strips.
  • UNIVERSAL SIZING: Will fit doors up to 36 inch wide doors with 2.5 inch gaps. Can be adjusted for smaller gaps. Can be trimmed for narrower doors.



Polyester Wool Thickness: 1/3 Inch or 9 mm

EPDM Rubber Thickness (Felt): 1/32 Inch or 1 mm

Pad length: 36.4 inches or 92.4 cm *Slightly oversized to ensure full coverage of side cracks

Pad Height: 3.4 inch or 8.6 cm *For gaps less than 2.5 inches, the pad is equipped with an extra wide Velcro pad. This allows it to be adjusted to match and gap size.


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